Monday, September 28, 2009

Atlantic Film Festival...It's been a year already??

lots has happened since the first post.
Some great news all around.

The Scavengers - still making it's way around the world . Some great screenings at Fantasia in Montreal, the Hollywood Black Film Festival and On the way overseas again. Hopefully soon, it will be available by a simple click of the mouse if all goes through.

Congrats to the crew from YER DEAD, who are plugging away on the Hobo With A Shotgun script. This feature will change genre film crossovers in this country, no doubt.

The Atlantic Film Festival was great this year, with in incredible showing of emerging and young filmmakers in the region. It was impressive, with over 8 shorts programs dedicated to just this region!
times are a changing.

The Transfiction camp came out with some pretty unexpected awards:

The Joy Post award was awarded for the next Transfiction production - Righteous.
a very different film from the Scavengers, but one that we are excited about
more on that soon.
Thank you so much to the Jury and Joy society for backing it, we promise we won't disappoint.

I met Justin Simms again. He's just really cool all around, and I admire his work so much.

the inspired script award was award to TWO emerging writers. Two! how cool is that?

there's so much happening this way that it's almost to good to be true.

The awarded scripts were Atmospheric Disturbance - a xenophobic horror film. Based on the events of Welles' famous War of the World hoax, by Jeremy Hull.
Jeremy is a new and fierce writer here, and people had to take notice of him. He crashed the festival with everything he had, and left with a full city sized telephone book - that was gladly signed by everyone.

the other script was my own "Cracker Factory" - a racial satire.

we plan to follow through with these and we are making sure these projects get made.


That's it for now.
there's too much typing going on.
until the next breather,