Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Viewfinders and Festival In a Van

So in the last month, I've been having a great time traveling with AFF's Festival in a Van and recruiting for Viewfinders.
As well as facilitating workshops for all ages, we've also been showing The Scavengers to HIgh School students.
what a response!
THe performances by the kids in the film get a great reaction, especially from other youth.
It is a pretty good sign that we do tend to take young performers for granted and, when given enough freedom have the instincts and the creativity to make very strong choices and great performances.

it's funny thing about working with kids. I've done it for so long, and find myself in situations more times than none where youth will play a large part in something creative that I am involved in. You always learn very much about yourself, probably more than they do about what they are doing.

It's a pretty great and humbling thing.

Whitney...as chessy as it was.. you were very correct. teach them well and let them lead the way.